We ship our products internationally. For UK orders, we ship products using Royal Mail. Products are despatched within 48 hours of ordering and they are usually delivered within 2-5 business days. As a standard, we ship UK orders using 2 nd Class Tracked.


UK 2nd Class TR  £2.75

International Airmail TR  £4.95

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We will keep you informed of any delays we may encounter when shipping the order. For items that are shipped overseas, we take no responsibility or liability that may be incurred as a result of customs clearance.

What Our Clients Say

Very happy with this product I felt the package was ideal Shape for the letter box delivery.thank you.
Really good and caring service. Good product, one I would not hesitate to recommend – and I don’t often recommend products. Very quickly delivered. I will most certainly buying this on a regular basis.
I am really enjoying this product. It has a nice orangey flavour but, it seems to be soothing my digestive system and I generally feel more “supported”. I also started a probiotic program with this supplement.
Great company with excellent customer services. The capsules were easy to swallow. Definitely recommened
I’ve been taking the Purely Turmeric for some months now and can definitely say there has been an improvement in my health. My joints used to constantly ache, the pains have reduced significantly.
Super-fast delivery, expertly packaged. Highly recommended brand
Can’t complain about the product or service. Been using the collagen powder for months now. Mostly use it in my juices and smoothies every morning. Better than other collagen supplements I used to take.
Verified Buyer
James F.
Jocelyn B.
Nigel S.
Sarah R.